How to Effectively Earn V-Bucks for Free

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V-bucks is the in-game currency of the Fortnite which can be used to redeem or buy the harvesting tools, skins, gliders, and so forth. Fortnite is a free-to-play game. Some premium redemption allows you to get appearance enhancement. What could be the importance of V-bucks is for purchasing the Battle Pass which allows you to level up and be rewarded by skins for your characters. However, there are actually effective ways to get V-Bucks without spending real money from your pocket but from daily quests and log-in instead.

Even though the upgrade doesn’t involve your skill and ability, it offers you a cool experience in the battle royal. It could be boring playing with the plain characters while you can see the twins anywhere. In fact, skinning the characters have become a trend-culture in the Fortnite environment especially when you’re joining the multiplayer mode. Besides, you can’t deny the skin collections available in store which are also regularly updated by the developer. To enjoy such amenities, the use of V-Bucks is inevitable.

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while, then you’d know that the practical way to gain V-bucks is by purchasing them in the shop section in various packages. To be short, you buy time with your money. There are some ways to get the V-bucks without spending your money but requiring more time and efforts. So, why don’t we have to look at how we can earn V-bucks? It should be noted that we don’t discuss hacks or cheats.

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There are three major legitimate methods which can help you to acquire V-bucks

Daily Log-In

One of the most casual ways to get the free cash is by logging in the game every day. Of course, you can’t expect a quick cash, but it gives you some cash per 24 hours you log in. What do you need to do is not forgetting the everyday log-in and the V-Bucks will be banked to your pocket free. Of course, you can’t speed up your account but it’s certainly a dependable resource for everyday banking, and you don’t have to finish any objectives.

Daily Quests

As you’re logged in the game, the Daily Quest system will offer you random objectives to complete. You’ll get a certain amount of free V-bucks every time you’ve completed an objective. There are many types of the mission which provide you 50-100 of V-bucks for each completion. These amounts are quite significant to be banked and used to redeem items on the Battle Royal. Of course, you have to complete many missions before you can purchase premium items but this method is unquestionably reliable. You may consider finishing more missions when you’re in the Battle Royal modes.

Storm Shield Defense Missions

It’s another method to gain free V-Bucks in a flat amount, 100 V-Buck per each completion. What you need to do is completing the tasks provided by Storm Shield Defense missions. The tasks take place in different locations on the map, there are at least six Storm Shield Defense stages in each location including Homebase, Canny Valley, Pinkerton, and Twine Peaks. Complete your mission so you can bank more V-bucks in your wallet.

Of course, it’s easier to buy V-bucks with real money, but why you have to buy if you can acquire them for free? It may require some time and efforts but soon you know that such methods actually also keep you engaged with the games. Each mission and objective offer a particular experience which is also enjoyable.

So, basically you can earn V-Bucks without sacrificing the game experiences and you don’t need such hacks or tempting offers which may lead you into scams. Please avoid any campaigns or promotion which offer free V-Bucks but require you to input your account credentials. There is no such shortcut in earning currency in Fortnite: Battle Royal. You can only purchase them with real money or acquire them with daily login, daily quests, and Storm Shield Defenses.

Use these three methods collaboratively as your V-Bucks engine while you’re enjoying battle royal. Once you’ve banked a certain amount of V-Bucks, you can redeem your cosmetic items and premium Battle Pass.

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