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There are up to 20 locations in the Fortnite Battle Royal map. Each location provides different landscapes, resources, and supplies. At this point, each location may provide different challenges as well as amenities which may improve your strategy and play as well as choosing on the landing spots. Northwest is one of the most popular destinations. Here are things you need to know the Fortnite battle royal location, the Northwest.

Haunted Hills

Even though it’s the less-popular area in the Northwest, Haunted Hills is actually an eligible spot for landing. It’s because you can find many weapons in this area. Since it’s not popular, you’ll unlikely compete against many other players to grab them. There are 11 chests in the Haunted Hill. However, it might not be suitable for squads due to the lack of loot. Solo mode gains the benefits of Haunted Hills the most.

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Junk Junction

Junk Junction is not literally a junk at all. In fact, there are up to 9 chests and a moderate amount of loot in the middle of the map. These amenities are centered in a motel when you’re heading to the Southeast directions. If you’re heading to the north area where you may find up to two chests in the coastline. Unfortunately, it’s likely you’ll find nothing outside these two major spots.

Leaky Lake

It was previously the Loot Lake which literally represents its properties and makes it as the popular spot either. Total chests in the Leaky Lake up to 17 along with the high amount of loot across the area. You need to be careful on your control while crossing the Leaky Lake. Next, to it, you may find other buildings, campsites, and the port where you may find other crates. However, since it’s very popular, you must be ready for an earlier clash with other players. Depending on your strategy, Leaky Lake could be very suitable for squad mode.

Pleasant Park

Another most popular area is the Pleasant Park which loads up to 20 chests spread across the area. You can find most of them from in the gas station and abandoned house in the eastern part of the location as well as when you’re heading to the Titled Towers.

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Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores is a quite popular landing spot due to a moderate amount of loot. There are up to 16 chests in the Snobby Shores. Most of them are located in the bunker of the house in the south part of the location as well as in Viking ship in the southeastern part but you need spend some time for hiking and reach the spot.

Titled Towers

This the most popular and populated area in the Northwest due to excessive loots. There are up to 35 chests as well as tons of weapons which are mostly rifles and shotguns across the area and free v bucks generator. It’s the fast-paced area due to dense population, you need to maintain a more tactical strategy as well as stay alert if you’re landing on Titled Towers.

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