Fortnite Battle Royale Healing and Shield Items

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Like in other games, there are healing items in the Fortnite Battle Royal field. It works by restoring your health and/or shield. These healing items will prolong and improve your play in the Battle Royal mode. Due to extensive properties, these healing items increase your survival rate along with powerful weapons and strategy. However, each healing item has different properties which deliver the benefits to your health and shield.

Health Items

Health Items works as the remedial properties in the battle royal. It aims to restore your health or prevent it to get worse as you’re battling in the field. There three major pure health Items in Fortnite Battle Royale including bandages, Medical Kit, and cozy campfire.


Bandages are a common healing item which provides your with health change only up to 75 points. You can load up to 15 bandages in your bag and use it whenever you need it. It requires only about three seconds to use the bandages. It’s a reliable healing source for small damage.

Medical Kit

Medical Kit is an uncommon healing item with more beneficial healing properties than the bandages do. It provides you with health change up to 100 points and uses a long time to process for about ten seconds. You can only take three medical kits in your bag but it allows you to get a full recovery after the use.

Cozy Campfire

The campfire is a healing item which gradually heals you. It can give you up to 50 points of health within 25 seconds. You can only bring one Cozy Campfire in your bag and it seems to be rarer than the other twos.

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Shield Items

In other hands, the shield items work by restoring your shield in a certain period of time. There are two major shield items including small shield portion and shield potion.

Small Shield Potion

It’s able to restore your shield up from 25 points within two seconds. Small Shield Potion is an uncommon item and you can bring up to 10 of it in your bag. It provides you with half of the regular shield potion but it’s less rare and you can bring it more at a time.

Shield Potion

The Shield Potion can restore more than 50 points of your shield within five seconds. It’s truly a big deal but the Shield Potion is a rare shield item and you’re only able to bring three of it at a time.

Shield and Healing Item

There are two major shields and healing item: Slurp Juice which is the epic item, and Chug Jug the legendary one. The Slurp Juice provides you with more than 75 points of health and shield change within two seconds, it performs the restoration gradually. In other hands, the Chug Jug use a long time up to 15 seconds to use, can’t be stacked, but it provides you with full recovery on your shield in an instant way. Both Slurp Juice and Chug Jug, in Battle Royal, provide you with another life and enhance your survival rate to some extent.

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