Fortnite Battle Royal Weaponry: Pistols

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Pistols is an eligible low-medium range weapon in Fortnite Battle Royal gameplay. It provides up to medium damage to your opponent. At general, the fire rate of pistols various while the reload sped is commonly faster than the rifle. The power or damage is likely determined by the use of the bullets: Light Bullets, Medium Bullets, and Heavy Bullets. Depending on the types, pistols are perfect to support in the tactical actions along with the riffles. Commonly, each player takes and use a rifle and a pistol in the game.

fortnite deagle and pistol short weaponPistol

There were three types of pistol based on the rarity but the Rare pistol is no longer available and leaves with two pistols, common and uncommon one. Both pistols use the Light Bullets with slight differences on the damage and headshot stats. Each magazine contains 16 bullets and requires 1.5 seconds to reload. Both pistols are very functional.

Hand Canon

You should be familiar with Deagle as you’ve played Counter Strike back then. It’s called Hand Cannon in Fortnite and it comes with a very high damage and headshot stats compared to any pistol types even though the fire rate is the slowest. Unlike the revolver and six-shooter, Hand Canon can load up to seven Heavy Bullets in two seconds. Hand Cannon is the deadliest handgun in Fortnite Battle Royale when you have a full control on it. However, Hand Cannon only available as Epic and Legendary weapon. It seems that you’ll hardly find these guns in the Battle Royale but once you’ve found it, it would enhance your play significantly.


Revolver in Fortnite has a great damage in the Battle Royale. The Headshot stats are simply doubled compared to the pistols but with less barrel as each cylinder only contains 6 Medium Bullets and it takes a longer time to reload. The fire rate is far lower than the pistol. These make Revolver needs more accurate control and not so tactical at this point. There are three types of Revolver: common, uncommon, and revolver.

Six Shooter

The six-shooter is like “evolved” Revolver in shape but they have less powerful stats even though they also use Medium Bullets and 6-bullets cylinder magazine barrel. Six Shooters only performs 2/3 of damage and headshot. The reload speed is averagely slower than the Revolvers but It has a high fire rate up to five bullets per seconds. It’s pretty much like cross-breed of pistol and revolver with limitations. Based on the rarity, there are three Six Shooters: Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.

fortnite battle royale usp

Dual Pistol

Dual Pistol is only available as the Rare and Epic weapon in the Battle Royal. It literally appears as two pistols which perform the double shooter. It performs double damage and headshot of single pistol since they use Medium Bullets instead of the Light Bullets. However, dual pistols have a lower fire rate and slower reload speed which is very reasonable due to the functions and features. Depending on your luck and landing spot, having dual pistols will definitely improve your play.

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