Fortnite Battle Royal Landing Tips

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The landing spot is actually a crucial part of playing the Fortnite Battle Royal. As you’ve gained the experience in the game, you may have favorite spots to land. Indeed, each location of the map does have different landscapes and supplies which determine your strategies in the Battle Royal. However, there are some tips of landing tips worth to look if you want to improve your survival rate and overall game experience.


If you’re going to rush the game, getting the weapons right after landing is very important. That’s why landing on the area with buildings since you’ll easily find tons of weapon there. In fact, you can most eligible weapons and items inside the buildings even though it also depends on the specific locations.

Popular Locations

Depending on your strategy, you can either choose the locations based on the popularity. Use your knowledge and experience to determine the landing points. Landing in a popular area is for those who are ready for direct contact at the beginning of the game. Check our previous article and learn more about where the locations are the best to landing.


Landing on the buildings is another challenge since you have to compete with other players with similar thoughts. In fact, the area with buildings is the most favorited yet populated one. It brings back to the location consideration, the simple theory is that the more supplies mean more population, fewer supplies means less population. The populated area is the fastest paced area with a very high rate of immediate and direct confrontations. Align your strategy with this fact.

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Glider Deployment

Gliding could be a tricky part and highly related to your decision on the landing spot. Deploying your glider earlier allows you to drop slower cover more area and give you chance to monitor what’s on the land including other players. This way, you can avoid a deadly landing or be killed right after landing. In another side, this decision may decrease your chance to take the weapons earlier and it could lead to a worse scenario. Otherwise, you can decide an exact spot, and deploy the glider later, and rush for the weapon first. It brings you to the ground quicker and more accurately. However, this strategy could be best for landing in the less-populated area and depend on the strategy you want to apply in the Battle Royal Mode.

Less Populated Area

The less populated area is mostly less popular among the players. This area is usually lack of chests and loots. Actually, the less populated area isn’t that bad as you can find some iconic building like house, gas station, port, or even coastline to find what you need. If you’re applying a slower-paced strategy, the less populated area could be your best landing spot.

Escape from the Battle Bus Coverage

You can gain a better chance when you can reach the area far away from the Battle Royal Bus. You can go further by spamming the button of glider deployment. Depending on your target, this trick can increase your survival rate on the first minutes of the Battle Royal and improve your strategy.

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