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Grenade is an exploding weapon works by throwing it to the target in the Battle Royal and purposely damage the opponents. Fornite differ the Grenades from the Explosive since it has different functions in the Battle Royal Gameplay. There are at least eight types of grenades you can find and use in the Fornite Battle Royal game. These include Boogie Bomb, Clinger, Grenade, Impulse Grenade, Port-a-Fort, Remote Explosives, Shockwave Grenade, and Stink Bomb.

1. Boogie Bomb

It’s the shortest-ranged bomb in the Battle Royal which effectively damages the opponents in a low radius. Boogie Bomb will explode within averagely five seconds depending on the landscape and environment. It performs moderate damage with low accuracy but it’s a very useful tactical grenade. You can bring up to four Boogie Bombs at a time.

2. Clinger

You can use the clinger by sticking it to the ground or other players. It has a moderate damage to the structure and potentially kills the opponent. However, you need to be careful when using the clinger as it can blow you up too. The clinger can also explode earlier than the given time especially when the structure is destroyed. It could be tricky for tactical movement.

3. Grenade

The Grenade generates more damages to the structure compared to the clingers. However, it has the similar ability to damage your opponents. The advantage could be its ability to puzzle your enemy which allows you to complete your attacks pistols or rifles after the explosion.

4. Impulse Grenade

The impulse grenade is the advanced grenade which significantly damages your opponents in a rather long distance. It effectively damages other players in any types of landscapes. The impulse grenade can push your opponents forward depending on their position so you can take a further action in case they’re not dead yet.

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5. Port-a-Fort

Well, it’s an actually spectacular grenade with shield properties. It’s not like the shield you’re using of course. Port-a-Fort works by forming a metal fort as it’s launched. If you’re a sniper, then it’s the best option in case you don’t find a proper building to sneak. In some cases, Port-a-Fort can work as an emergency building for you. It has the advanced form called Port-a-Fortress which has an even larger metal fort.

6. Remote Explosive

It’s literally an explosive controlled and triggered by a remote. It has a massive structural damage but not significant on collateral damage. Unlike other types of grenade, you can use Remote Explosive without distance limit.

7. Shockwave Grenade

It’s a modified Impulse Grenade with a more propelling ability but also less damaging. It’s perfect for squad mode in order to break the chaos in a tight confrontation.

8. Stink Bomb

It’s a kind of respiratory cloud/smoke bomb which lasts for about nine seconds after it’s exploded. It potentially leaves the opponents with only 10 percent of their health. Stink Bombs gradually diminish the health bar and affect anyone in the cloudy or smoky zone.

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