Five Key Points to Be The Last Man Standing in The Fortnite Battle Royal

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You Are Here:, TipsFive Key Points to Be The Last Man Standing in The Fortnite Battle Royal

Fortnite mobile game offers an extensive gameplay of battle royal where you need to be the last man standing to win. However, it’s not an easy deal to win it since you’ll be dropped into the island with up to 99 other players from around the world. Can you imagine how violence would it be? There will be no mercy there and no pattern fixed for every match. The strategy which involves other players won’t help you to win not even to survive. Fortunately, there are some fundamentals which can provide you the best chances.

Best Spot to Land

It’s a common suggestion where you need to consider where to jump out the Battle Bus and glide the landing spot. The key is to land in the unpopulated zone as you can. You survival chances would be minimal as you choose the big structures or settlements as you’re going to be involved with direct and intensive contacts with other players as soon as you’ve landed.

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At this point, any strategy would be useless. Landing on unpopulated zone would increase your winning chances and you’ll be able to explore the map to collect item and weapons for battle.

Use Your Headset

Fortnite has a remarkable directional audio which can accurately inform you the acoustic changes surround you. It’s very useful to detect the nearest spots of activities including gunshots, populated area, as well as the enemies. You can clearly enjoy this feature if you use a proper sound output, the headset is highly suggested. With recognizing your surrounding area, you’ll have a better chance to apply your strategy in defense and killing more enemies.

Managing Your Weaponry

It depends on how intense the game is, you need to wisely manage your weaponry. If you’re taking a mid-range of contacts use your assault rifles but if you in a short-range chaos, the shotguns would be your best friends since it’s the best for quick responses. In other hands, if you’re not going to join the chaos and prefer to sneak along the map to get a clear shot from distance, then you’re the sniper and you need your sniper rifle. You should collect both rifles and shotguns as soon as you’ve landed. Remember, your pistol won’t help you much.

Powerful Weapons

Beneath the weapons you’ll pick up after you landed, there are stars with color green, blue, or purple which represents the power and rarity in sequences. The most powerful and rarest weapons would be the purple ones. Once you get these weapons, you’ll be deadly to other players and increases your winning chances.

Opening the Chests

Powerful weapons, eligible items, and other things that improve your survival and winning chances could be contained in the chests. They randomly appear across the map and you can’t guess the contents. So, you need to be responsive to any shiny sound effects which are the signs of the chest appearances. Take your chances in finding valuable items with opening chests as many as you can. Again, it’s better to use the headset to figure out the sound effect better.

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