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Fortnite is a hype mobile battle royal game which offers extensive gameplay. It allows you to fight against players worldwide in a live battle royal game. Fortnite is a fair game since each player would have the same power and ability by default. You need to collect the weapons and items by yourself, your efforts would determine your survival as well as your winning. The customization is only available for cosmetic purpose only. The character customization wouldn’t enhance your ability but it’s very cool if you can have your own character.

V-Bucks, the in-game currency could be used to redeem cosmetic items for your character. You can acquire the V-Bucks by logging in the game every day, finishing daily quests, and completing Storm Shield Defense missions. There is a wide range of customization application in the Fortnite from the simple to the complex ones. Now, let’s have a look what Fortnite offer for your character customization.

1. Head

It’s very exciting to customize the head of your character, make it cool for battle royal or the save the world. Fortunately, Fortnite allows you can create a head character. You can either build or edit the head elements from the available stocks of hairstyle, face shape, hair color, eye color and so forth. A distinctive head could be your trademark in the battle royal.

2. Banner Skin

Despite the head customization, you’re actually able to put customized banner color and logo to the character skins you already have. At this point, you might have to spend some V-Bucks on those cool skins. Let this skins trigger you to finish quests and missions but if you can’t handle it, you can purchase a small package of V-Bucks and see what you can get. It seems that players with no skins can’t choose their character. Head and Banner Skin customizations are the simplest methods where you can transform your character in minutes.

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3. Skin Management

If you have no problems with a more complex method but a more detailed result you can simply manage your skins you have. Actually, each skin is divided into four to five sections including the limbs, head, torso, backpack and so forth. You can simply mix and match these skin parts to enhance your character appearance. You can have lave ranger head with rex backpack, rustled limbs, and any possible combinations. This customization may take a more time to finish but you’ll also get a more distinctive character for the battle royal. This method is more flexible than the previous one since you can have tens to hundreds of combinations.

4. Create your Own Character

This last method would be the advanced, personalized, detailed, and of course the expensive one. You’d have to spend up to 2000 V-Bucks to activate this character creation features. It allows you to fully build your own character from scratches without depending on the available skin parts. Since it’s a high investment you need to ensure a complete distinctive character. Even though it doesn’t affect your ability in the field, you can still enhance your dignity in the game. It might be more important if you team up with another player as a clan.

Those are how you can customize your character in the Fortnite. It should be noted that investing in such customization is completely optional. You can still perform the battle royal fairly without changing even a part of your character. So, it’s still good to mix and match the existing skins and see how it’s still cool at all. It’s also worth to check special offers from Fortnite including discounted skins or sale on V-Bucks package.

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